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Passenger to Frankfurt by Agatha Christie


“Never having read an Agatha Christie novel before I thought I should. Looks like a picked the wrong one, it was dreadful!
If this is her attempt to pen a James Bond thriller type of book then it falls well short. I’m sharing a review of this novel from when it was first published. but my score is 2/10
Robert Barnard: “”The last of the thrillers, and one that slides from the unlikely to the inconceivable and finally lands up in incomprehensible muddle. Prizes should be offered to readers who can explain the ending. Concerns the youth uproar of the ‘sixties, drugs, a new Aryan superman and so on, subjects of which Christie’s grasp was, to say the least, uncertain (she seems to have the oddest idea of what the term ‘Third World’ means, for example). Collins insisted she subtitle the book ‘An Extravaganza.’ One can think of other descriptions.””

Score 2/10

Date read October 2016

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