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Red Dust Road by Jackie Kay


“I was lucky enough to be meeting and introducing this author at an event. Not only is she a very good author but a poet too.
This is her story, which she narrates on the audiobook herself and does a fantastic job.
Jackie is seeking out her birth parents and takes us along for the ride. It’s not written sensationally but very honestly, this said not sentimentally either.
I thought it a great read, couldn’t wait to meet her and ask her lots of questions.”

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The English Monster by Lloyd Sheperd


“This novel is loosely based on true events of some ghastly murders in 1800’s London.
Though this isn’t about a story describing ghastly doings, more of a weaving story dotting back and forth through time.
Set mainly in the Ratcliffe Highway (used by other authors) area of Wapping in East London the reader is treated to a great sense of time, place and atmosphere. I visited two of the pubs which are still serving beer, right on the banks of the Thames.
At times the author confuses us with dipping into some magical realism, some may like this, not for me. Perhaps he is giving us a metaphor for evil of humanity in the shape of the main character. Read it and feedback your take…
Good stuff and a first time novel too.

Score 7/10

Date read May 2012

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